Who can write a wikipedia article for me

This story goes back to a paper published in Summer After the publication of this paper, however, the VIRGO gravitational wave interferometer came online, and in August the both collaborations jointly detected another event.

Who can write a wikipedia article for me

AI poetry in full bloom in Japan Do androids dream about electronic Tanka? I believe, in the end, it is the desire to write or sing that separates human from AI. When Sony launched Aibo, an interactive robot dog, inpeople took it not as a technological novelty but a real pet.

InSoftbank launched Pepper, a semi-humanoid robot with "emotion recognition capability". You can see these robots at work in the reception areas of hospitals and banks in Japan. Given this sort of passion to develop human hearts rather than only minds in the latest AI technology, it is not surprising to see the many attempts in Japan to create poems with AI.

Here are some examples you can find in Japanese cyberspace: There is no interaction with other readers, although you can post your favorite Tanka on Twitter. The only rule the site asks you to follow is to use 'Hoshino Sizuru' as author's name.

Day 1 – Read something and say it out loud

The generator uses words nouns, modifiers, predicatesand 20 types of sentence structures. Let's try it and see the outputs: It actually assists you in composing a Tanka by suggesting a phrase for each section of syllables.

You choose one of the four seasons, and the program provides you with a suggestion. I tried one Tanka and one winter Haiku: Do I recognize some trace of myself in these? Would I have written them without AI assistance? Accidental Tanka by Inaniwa and Sekishiro and here These programmers fed their computer with the entire contents of the Japanese Wikipedia and ordered it to find a segment which happens to have a set of syllables and can stand as a Tanka, though not an intentional one.

The results are both hilarious and amazing. In the Tosa Diary, which was written in the midth century by Kino Tsurayuki, there is a scene in which someone notices that an instruction uttered by the captain of the ship to the sailors sounded like a Tanka and when they counted the number of syllables, it was exactly 31 as the sum of !

Other sites include a project led by a professor at Hokkaido University to develop the deep-learning of AI on Haiku: Professor Maki Kawamura, who is helping her AI learn about onomatopoeia, applied her research to compose a lyric for the idol pop group 'Kamen Jyoshi Masked Girls '.

Another professor, also in Hokkaido, is leading a project to have AI analyze the ultra-short stories of a famous SF writer, Shin-ichi Hoshi, so that it can create its own stories.

Why is that so? His book of literary criticism Karon Tanka Poetics includes a chapter titled "Does an android dream about electronic Tanka? In this essay, he examines AI generated Tanka and compared them with the human Tanka written in a surrealistic style.

Do you see common characteristics among AI generated Tanka? They are all different depending on the algorithm and vocabularies used for each program. If you input large samples for each part of and shuffle them, the results are nonsensical and often incomprehensible.

But occasionally, you get something really strange, even a mind-blowing image. If, on the other hand, you humans make the top part and the bottom part beforehand and shuffle them, the result would be closer to human-made Tanka.

But then AI would simply continue to bang the two parts together forever. It is understandable but the destructive charm of accidental contrast is lost.

Having said that, AI Tanka in general is linear, meaning it goes from the first 5 to the last 7 in one direction without having any semantic interactions between sections. How does it compare to the surrealistic Tanka?

Take the Tanka of Katsumi Katowho practiced automatism, as an example:4 days ago · Knowing that the pumpkin in my pie isn’t the same as the pumpkin species in my garden is a revelation, but it isn’t going to keep me from enjoying this wonderful holiday treat.

Nov 23,  · Of course, Wikipedia is the first source that pops up in many searches, and we have to remind our students that some of the people writing for Wikipedia are no more qualified to write about the subject than they are. A Wikipedia article can be a quick source for facts, but its author is not guaranteed to be a specialist on the.

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let’s say you wanted to write an article about The Paleo Diet. You’d head right to r/paleo subreddit. glad I could hook you up with a new strategy. Let me know how the Wikipedia dead link strategy works out for you.

who can write a wikipedia article for me

Reply. Paul says: January One day you’re going to write an article about this and you’re going to want to remember the details.” times, it would look real good for me. I was watching some of his onboards from the year before like, Man, I think I can do that hoping my next adventure would be as fun as the first.

Because when I’m old and gray, and I’m. Why choose us to write your Wikipedia article? There are many Wikipedia editing services you could hire. However, there are many “paid” editors and very few “professional” editors. And yes, there is a big difference between the two.

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